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SP Industries' Service and Support

SP Industries has expertly staffed service centers to support all our BioPharma Processing Equipment, Thermal, Stability, and Life Sciences Benchtop Equipment, our Scientific Glassware and Laboratory Instruments, Consumables, and Safety Products, and our Therapeutic and Daily Living Aids.

BioPharma Processing and Life Sciences Benchtop Equipment

- Thermal, Stability, and Life Sciences Laboratory and Production Equipment Support

We provide world wide Service and Support for SP FTS, SP Genevac, SP Hotpack and Stability Environments, SP Hull, SP PennTech, and SP VirTis equipment. Knowledgeable personnel are available to a provide assistance with installation, startup and validation, service, and parts.

Contact a Specialist to order Service, Parts, and Accessories - Please have your model and serial number available. Call the appropriate number below for assistance or send us an email:   Service@SPScientific.com.

North and South America
and Antarctica

Europe, Africa, Asia,
and Australia

Tel: +00 1-877-548-4666
Fax: +00 1-215-754-4942
Tel: +44 (0)1473 243000


- Scientific Glassware, and NMR and EPR Support

We provide detailed technical information for our NMR and EPR tubes and supplies to support your spectroscopy needs, as well as general information on the properties, care, and use of laboratory glassware. Detailed information is available using the links below.

Our specialists can repair your glassware or fabricate custom glassware to your exact specifications. Wilmad-LabGlass has repair facilities located throughout the United States and a   Worldwide Network of Laboratory and Scientific Glassware Distributors.

Order glassware and NMR/EPR consumables online:   Wilmad-LabGlass.com.

SP Wilmad-LabGlass NJ
SP Wilmad-LabGlass TN

Tel: +1-856-691-3200
Fax: +1-856-691-6206
Tel: +1-423-224-7123
Fax: +1-423-224-9221
Cel: +1-423-276-6046


- Instrument Calibration Laboratory

Calibration services accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standards are available for your laboratory thermometers, specific gravity, Baumé heavy and light and American Petroleum Institute Scale hydrometers, timers, stopwatches, hygrometers and barometers.

SP Bel-Art — H-B Instrument

Tel: +1-800-423-5278
Tel: +1-973-694-0500
Fax: +1-973-694-7199


- General Laboratory Products, Lab Safety Supplies, and Lab Consumables

Industry standard and purpose-built solutions for all your laboratory needs. Laboratory sample handling, magnetic stirrers, test tube, vial, and beaker racking, dispensing products, laboratory consumables, and laboratory safety supplies and equipment. We provide a   Worldwide Network of Laboratory Products Distributors.

SP Bel-Art

Tel: +1-800-423-5278
Tel: +1-973-694-0500
Fax: +1-973-694-7199


- Products To Assist With The Activities of Daily Living

Products to assist with the activities of daily living, assessment tools for occupational therapists, and therapy aids.

SP Maddak

Tel: +1-800-443-4926
Tel: +1-973-628-7600
Fax: +1-973-305-0841

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