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SP Scientific Partners With Bioquell (Andover, UK) To Produce An Off-The-Shelf Surface Sterilization / Decontamination System For SP Freeze Dryers

March 10, 2015     Warminster, PA

Bioquell L-3 HPV Machine

The freeze drying production of many pharmaceuticals and biological materials requires sterile conditions. Traditionally freeze dryers have used steam for sterilization. Unfortunately, working with steam means that the freeze dryers are exposed to many different stresses and strains. SP Scientific, in conjunction with Bioquell, have developed an equally effective and less expensive solution to perform surface sterilization / decontamination of freeze dryers using hydrogen peroxide vapor (HPV 1).

HPV is well established as a bio-decontamination agent due to its broad spectrum efficacy and its ability to inactivate rapidly the most resilient microorganisms. The residue-free nature of HPV (breaks down to oxygen and water vapor) and low temperature, vapor-phase application increases the practicality of the process. Bioquell's HPV technology has been tested and proven effective against many organisms including bacteria, bacterial endospores, viruses, bacteriophage, fungi, nematodes and protozoa.

Surface sterilization / decontamination using the HPV system is remarkably quick enabling fast turnaround of your freeze dryer for further work. Typically lab scale freeze dryers can be sterilized in just 1-2 hours, pilot scale freeze dryers in 2-3 hours and production scale freeze dryers in less than 4 hours. The HPV system is easy-to-use and simply integrated with your SP Scientific freeze dryer without need for excessive external piping or critical utilities that are commonly required to support steam sterilizers.

Configurable to your freeze drying needs the HPV surface sterilization / decontamination system is highly economical to use and easy to maintain. Operating with automated gassing cycles ensures excellent process repeatability and consistency.

For further information on the HPV surface sterilization / decontamination system please contact SP Scientific at +1-845-255-5000 or email zak.yusoff@spscientific.com.

About SP Scientific

SP Scientific, a Division of SP, is a leading manufacturer of laboratory to production-scale freeze dryers / lyophilizers, centrifugal evaporators and concentrators, thermal control systems, environmental rooms and chambers, as well as laboratory glassware washers. The company sells its products under well-known brands including VirTis, Hull, FTS Systems, Genevac, and Hotpack. SP Scientific has production facilities in the USA and Europe.

About Bioquell

Bioquell (www.bioquell.com) is the world leader in bio-decontamination equipment and services. Unique hydrogen peroxide vapor (HPV) bio-decontamination technology developed by Bioquell is used to eradicate problematic bacteria, viruses and fungi. Bioquell specializes in the design, manufacture and application of complete decontamination solutions for airborne and surface contamination in cGMP and cGLP environments in the life sciences industry.

1 HPV is also known as Vapor Phase Hydrogen Peroxide (VPHP).

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