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SP Industries Announces New Brand: SP Scientific

February 9, 2010     Warminster, PA

SP Industries announces its new brand, SP Scientific, and its website, SPScientific.com.  By gathering several of its well known brands - Genevac, Virtis, Hotpack and FTS Systems - under SP Scientific, SP Industries continues its strategy of innovative product development, close consultative cooperation with its customers, and international benchmark quality products, service, and support.

Mark Shon, Vice President Sales and Marketing, stated "Through a process of acquisitions over recent years, we have created a strong corporate entity that develops, manufactures, sells and services a wide variety of innovative laboratory and process products to countries worldwide. One focal point of our worldwide business is scientific instruments and equipment including freeze dryers and lyophilizers, centrifugal evaporators and concentrators, thermal management systems, and glassware washers and dryers. The new SP Scientific brand and website emphasizes this focus and provides a more unified access to the full range of our laboratory equipment and instruments."

SP Industries is a leading manufacturer of laboratory to production scale freeze dryers and lyophilizers, centrifugal evaporators and concentrators, environmental control chambers, thermal control system, glassware washers and dryers, and laboratory glassware and NMR and EPR tubes. The company sells its products under such brands as Wilmad-Labglass, Hull, and SP Scientific: Hotpack, VirTis, FTS and Genevac. SP Industries has production facilities in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania in the USA, and in Suffolk, UK.

For further information, contact Cindy Reiter by email to Cynthia.Reiter@SPScientific.com or visit SP Scientific.

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