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Wizard™ 2.0 Freeze Dryer Control System Offers Complete Process Automation With Full Recipe Management And Alarming

April 13, 2004     Warminster, PA

The Wizard 2.0 Freeze Dryer Control System from Virtis was developed to provide full process automation with complete recipe management and full alarming. Wizard handles single or multiple refrigeration compressor applications. Its powerful microprocessor is fast enough to handle multiple temperature transducers, while providing instantaneous alarm for out-of-designed-cycle conditions. Users can select any of 20 recipes, and a center-stage LCD display precisely plots the shelf profile of the directed shelf temperature. The display provides a progress bar graph and, by continually scanning all configured transducers, indicates the out-of-tolerance condition, if an alarm occurs. To prevent product warming during the condenser and vacuum phases, the Wizard control can be configured in a Special Freeze Assist mode. The Wizards unique configuration and validatable software allow the freeze drying cycle to be either shelf-driven or product-driven, depending on which best suits the quantity and type of product.

The Wizard can accommodate up to 8 type-T product thermocouple probes. With pressure (vacuum) control steps linked to each primary drying step, progress can be easily monitored through a status window that automatically scans phase data and all selected transducers. The system offers standard inert gas solenoid, vacuum pump control, or power saver pressure control. Up to 12 thermal treatments and 16 primary drying steps as shelf-hold or shelf-rate are provided.

For more information, call 800-431-8232 and ask for VirTis Customer Service, visit our web site at www.VirTis.com, or write Virtis, 815 Route 208, Gardiner, NY 12525-9989, USA.

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